Project Support Grants

Project grants can be used for a variety of activities by organizations that are not otherwise eligible for General Operating Support Grants.  Project Grants not the right fit? Look at our General Operating Support Grants.

Grants Frequently Asked Questions

What Can We Apply For?
This pilot grant will support the artists and organizations who have participated in the training provided by Utah Arts & Museums in the fall of 2021 or 2022. Please see guidelines for all details.

Who Can Apply?

  • Organization/artist that has attended one of the three-day training workshops by Lifetime Arts, and works with an organization/artist who has also attended the training
  • Organizations that have attended the Lifetime Arts training, but choose to work with an artist that has not attended the Lifetime Arts training
  • An artist who has attended the Lifetime Arts training and plans to work with an organization that has not attended the Lifetime Arts training
  • UA&M’s preference is to fund an organization. If there is a compelling reason for an individual artist to sponsor a class without a partner organization, please contact us for directions about how to complete the application.
  • Nonprofit, government agencies, and for-profit businesses may apply. Individual artists may only apply with pre-approval.

Can We See the Questions Before We Apply?
Yes! Please review the full grant guidelines before you apply.

FY23 Creative Aging Grant

    How Do We Apply?
    Once you have reviewed the guidelines and questions, you may apply through our online grant portal. You will need a portal account to access our grant applications. If you do not have one, please submit a new user request through the portal or contact the grants staff. Creation of an account can take up to two days.

    When is the Grant Deadline?
    December 9th at 5:00 p.m.