Arts Education Funding Opportunities


The UA&M Arts Education Program offers several funding opportunities aimed specifically at fostering arts learning opportunities in Utah.

Arts Education Professional Development sponsorships

These sponsorship awards are offered to support activities and events that provide training and professional development for Utah arts educators. Sponsored events should connect teachers and/or administrators with working artists, and may be open to student or community participation as well. Review the AE Sponsorship Guidelines for more information about the types of events that qualify. Access the Sponsorship Application here.

Collaborative Arts Education Projects (CAEP)

CAEP is a funding model that establishes partnerships and collaboration in a community. Funded projects will create arts learning activities while making connections that make can continue long after the project ends. CAEP projects will bring teaching artists, educators and arts/cultural organizations together with other community assets, such as social service agencies, parks and recreation, hospitals, senior centers, correctional facilities, community centers, libraries. etc. To discuss your project idea and how it can qualify to become a CAEP project, please print this blueprint proposal form and use it to outline your project idea. Then contact to schedule mailto:jirwin@utah.gova conversation.

Teacher Initiated Project (TIP) Grant

TIP grants allow individual teachers to pursue their personal artistic growth through one-on-one study with a professional artist of their choice in any discipline. The educator does not have to have any experience in the chosen art form, and the training does not require the teacher to apply these lessons directly in the classroom. Grant payment is made directly to an artist for providing 16 hours of personal instruction to an educator. TIP Guidelines can be found here. After reviewing them, teachers may apply here.

Utah PTA Arts Education Grant

UA&M partners with the Utah PTA to award these annual grants for art-making programs in Utah schools. Local PTAs may apply for up to $500 which must be matched dollar for dollar (1:1). A grant may be requested for new or existing PTA/PTSA art programs. It may also be used for artists fees, musical scores, theater rights, costuming, theatrical props, scenery, instruments, project specific supplies, etc. It may not be used for field trips, student transportation, and admission tickets, etc. Applications are made directly to the Utah PTA. Learn more about the grant requirements and how to apply.

Special opportunities

Special project and funding opportunities that may be available for a limited time.

Free Folk Arts Workshops

In fiscal year 2024, the arts education program partnereded with our folk arts program to offer a free folk arts workshop program, Living Folk Arts for Kids and Adults. This program allows interested learners in schools, arts and community organizations, or museums to actively engage in the folk arts.

We have had a wonderful response to our Folk Arts Workshop series, and for the time being are not taking any more requests, but we hope to offer this program again in the future. Please email us if you have any questions: Jenna Ehlinger, Elisha Condie

Poet Laureate's Student Broadside Project

Lisa Bickmore, the poet laureate for the State of Utah (appointed 2022-2027) has asked us to share an exciting project with the arts learning community. Thanks to an Academy of American Poets Fellowship, Lisa's micro-press is implementing civic project focused on engaging young people. This student project from Moon in the Rye introduces students to the art of creating broadisides, which combine writing with printmaking.

Lisa will work directly with Utah students, K-12, to create work centered on the environment—specifically the Great Salt Lake, but any water-related subject. She will visit classrooms and carry out writing and visual projects with prompts, instruction, and tools. She can work with teams of teachers in visual arts, language arts, and science as well, to bring this project to Utah students. She will work within local communities to stage events that allow students to exhibit and share the work they create.

This flexible project and can be adapted to fit many different needs and situations. If you are interested in bringing this project to your K-12 students, fill out this form  to let Lisa know your needs and your questions.

Jean Tokuda Irwin
Arts Education Manager

Justin Ivie
Arts Education Coordinator