Purpose of sponsorships

To promote the Utah Division of Arts & Museums (UA&M) agency brand through support of organizations that are in alignment with the division’s mission, vision, values, and initiatives. 

UA&M Mission: UA&M enhances Utah's quality of life. We champion opportunities to experience culture by investing in arts and museums, offering professional development, facilitating connections, and providing direct services.

UA&M Vision: UA&M inspires and connects people and communities through Utah’s arts and museums, encouraging a vibrant and culturally engaged state.

UA&M Values: Respect, collaboration, support, accessibility, creativity. 

UA&M Six Strategic Initiatives: 

  1. Preserve, protect, and activate Utah’s art and cultural resources. 
  2. Support UA&M’s constituents through professional development, investments, and convening.
  3. Cultivate and nurture effective partnerships and collaborations to strengthen Utah’s cultural sector.
  4. Model inclusive and accessible practices within each initiative. 
  5. Develop and implement outcome-based metrics to guide strategic decision-making. 
  6. Champion the value and impact of Utah’s cultural community.

      Sponsorship Criteria and Guidelines

      • Assists in reaching UA&M strategic initiatives 
      • Promotes UA&M agency brand 
      • Assists in promoting and facilitating access and opportunity to arts and museums 
      • Support is limited to events or conferences (may include series of the same event)
      • Granted to organizations with a W9 EIN, not individuals  
      • Priority may be given to organizations not receiving UA&M grant funding
      • Preference may be given to organizations not previously sponsored by UA&M
      • Awarded on a first-come, first-served basis as funds are available
      • Applications should be submitted at least two months prior to the event
      • Amounts are generally between $500 and $2,500

      Application Form