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Our performing arts services provide support to Utah performing artists and presenting organizations (presenters) in their efforts to enhance artistic/professional development and increase community involvement and accessibility.

Performing Arts Booking Conference Scholarship
   Performing Artists & Performing Arts Presenters

The Performing Arts Program provides scholarships for professional presenters or performing artists to attend regional booking conferences. Booking conferences are gathering places for performing arts professionals.  These conferences provide opportunities for performing artists to market their art to presenters who are looking to bring performance to their communities. Booking conferences are also exceptional opportunities for artists to obtain professional development and network with other professionals in the field. This link will open a list of regional booking conferences

The scholarship supports up to $1,000 in registration costs only.

Please note: No funds may be used to pay for state agencies including state parks, or state-funded universities or nonprofits housed in said educational institutions.

If you are interested in applying and have questions please contact Jason Bowcutt, 801-236-7554 or

    Artist Career Advancement Scholarships 
       Performing Artists

    Follow this link to the Artist Career Advancement Scholarship on our grants page. Artist Career Advancement Scholarships are being offered to support the professional development and career advancement of artists. These scholarships are specifically designed to support individual artists by helping them to take advantage of timely external professional opportunities and providing access to resources to advance their artistic careers.

      Performing Arts Fellowship
         Performing Artists

      The purpose of the fellowship program is to acknowledge and encourage the careers of established, professional Utah artists demonstrating exceptional creativity in, and dedication to, their art form. The Fellowship seeks to support professional and committed Utah artists reaching pivotal moments in their artistic careers. Applicants are expected to demonstrate why now is the appropriate time in their career for this one-time award. The Fellowship is not an award to support a specific art project, recognition of lifetime achievement, or for artists just beginning their careers.

      $5,000 fellowships will be awarded to artists annually. 

      Performing arts disciplines will rotate every three years between dance, music, and theatre.

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        westaf tourwest grant
           Presenters Grant

        TourWest - WESTAF provides support for the administration of an organization’s regional touring program. WESTAF defines regional touring as programming that presents out-of-state touring artists and/or in-state touring artists traveling at least 50 miles to your venue. WESTAF also encourages the inclusion of community/educational outreach as part of an organization’s presentation of touring artists. This programming can be virtual and/or in-person in accordance with state guidelines. 

        Support is available for use by organizations for their regional touring program budgets for any of the following:

          • Artist/contractor fees
          • Administration costs
          • Programming/marketing costs

        The grants are only available to organizations that sponsor performances within the 13-state WESTAF region and jurisdictions including Guam, the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands (CNMI), and American Samoa. All TourWest grants must be matched on a one-to-one basis in cash by the presenting organization.

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          OnStage in Utah
             Performing Arts Presenters

          Utah Arts & Museums recognizes the important role of Utah’s presenters in connecting performing artists with audiences and communities. OnStage in Utah provides presenters funding to support a public performance, as well as a separate community outreach activity by in-state or out-of-state performing artists. Funding is competitive and is not based on previous organizational funding levels. No organization is guaranteed funding from one year to the next.
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            Utah Presenters

            Click here for a list of Utah Presenters

            Presenter - An organization that selects, engages, and pays artists to perform before an audience as an ongoing and significant component of their organization’s activity and that contracts, markets and accepts financial risk for an arts presentation that is not self-produced.

            Utah Presenters is a network of organizations that bring performing arts events to their communities. Presenters connect with each other to foster collaboration, arrange block booking, provide professional development training, mentor and share best practices, and raise public awareness of the value of arts in communities.

            Presenters can join the Facebook membership-only group networking site. Contact Jason Bowcutt to request an invitation to join.

            Performing arts newsletter

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            This newsletter contains information about local and national funding and professional development opportunities.

            Utah Performing artists List 

            Utah Performing Artist List

            A list of Utah performing artists that have been booked through OnStage in Utah, or who have received funding to attend regional performing arts booking conferences.

            Performing arts Booking conferences

            Performing Arts Booking Conferences

            This link will open a list of regional booking conferences.


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