General Operating Support (GOS) Grants

FY23 GOS Update:
If you received funding in FY22, your interim report will be due in July. If you received General Operating Support funding in FY22, your grant for FY23 will be the same amount, and will be available following the review of an interim report. Organizations that did not apply for FY22/23 General Operating Support funds should consider applying for the Utah Arts & Museums Project Grant, due May 6, 2022 for projects that take place in the new year.

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For Utah-based 501(c)(3) Nonprofit organizations or government agencies that are:

  • Arts organizations-organizations with an arts-based mission.
  • Museums- Art & non-art museums with a physical location in Utah that are open to the public and maintain an active collection
  • Designated Local Arts Agencies (through the Division of Arts & Museums) that function as a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit organization, government agency, or a hybrid of the two.

How Do We Apply for GOS funds?

How do I access the application form?

  • Access the application through our  online grant portal. You will need a portal account to access our grant applications. If you do not have one, please submit a new user request through the portal or contact the grants staff. Creation of an account can take up to two days.

Where can I find the budget sheet?

  • Be sure to use the FY22 GOS budget form. Other budget forms will not be accepted. If you need help with the budget, we have included the "cheat sheet" on the second tab of the budget form.

Please note: If you submitted an application for Create in Utah, Phase 3, you may update the budget sheet that you used for that application with your award amount and any other changes and resubmit it. You do not need to transfer the data from that budget sheet to a new budget sheet.

When is the grant due?

The grant will close on Friday, August 6, 2021 at 5:00pm MST.