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Presenter - An organization that selects, engages, and pays artists to perform before an audience as an ongoing and significant component of their organization’s activity and that contracts, markets and accepts financial risk for an arts presentation that is not self-produced.

Utah Presenters is a network of organizations that bring performing arts events to their communities. Presenters connect with each other to foster collaboration, arrange block booking, provide professional development training, mentor and share best practices, and raise public awareness of the value of arts in communities.

Presenters can join the Facebook membership-only group networking site. Contact Jason Bowcutt to request an invitation to join.

Performing Arts Newsletter

This newsletter contains information about local and national funding and professional development opportunities. If you would like to receive this please follow this link.

Performing Artist List

Utah Performing Artist List – A list of Utah performing artists that have been booked through OnStage in Utah, or who have received funding to attend regional performing arts booking conferences.

Performing Arts Booking Conferences

Performing Arts Booking Conferences – This link will open a list of regional booking conferences.

Other Resources

Nonprofit Venues – Provided by Utah Cultural Alliance
Click HERE for a list of Nonprofit venues in Utah. Or, submit your venue to be a part of this list.

Performing Artist Profiles on
Performing artists are an integral part of arts activities throughout the state. Through dance, music, theatre, storytelling and other live performances, performing artists enhance our communities and open new vistas of understanding and appreciation. Visit to view performing artists throughout Utah.

Performing Arts Program Brochure
Download the Performing Arts program brochure.


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