Bite-Size Poetry

Bite-Size Poetry started in 2009 as the brainchild of Utah Poet Laureate 2006-2012, Katharine Coles. Katharine’s idea was to infuse a bit of poetry into the everyday lives of Utahns in a manageable, “bite-size” format. She has said of the project: “Lots of people think they don’t have time for poetry, but in truth, most poems are short, and everyone has time for a one-minute poetic encounter.”

She invited notable Utah poets to write a poem they could read aloud in one or two minutes, and the poets were videotaped reading their poetry. The program so far has run from 2009-2011 and in 2015, with production provided by KUED-TV in the early years and by TWIG Media Lab in 2015.

Please click on the video images below to watch the videos in each YouTube playlist.

2015 Bite-Size Poetry


2009-2011 Bite-Size Poetry


Alyssa Hickman Grove
Communications/Marketing and Literary Arts Manager