Utah Original Writing Competition

Since 1958, our Utah Original Writing Competition has awarded Utah writers for works of fiction, nonfiction, and poetry in a variety of forms. The competition’s mission is to aid Utah writers on their path to publication and broader recognition. Submissions must be original works and, with some exceptions, cannot be published or accepted for publication at the time of entry. Manuscripts are reviewed in a blind process by judges selected from outside of Utah. There is no entry fee, and it is open to all Utah residents age 18 and over.

List of UOWC Winners from 2000 - Present

2024 Competition

We've partnered with the Salt Lake Community College Community Writing Center (CWC) for the management of the competition. Please click the button below to visit their webpage with details.

"The award for my book has been a constant support and reinforcement that has helped me continue to believe in my work and abilities when the weight of rejections were causing me to doubt."

— Utah Original Writing Competition Winner


Alyssa Hickman Grove
Communications/Marketing and Literary Arts Manager