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Preservation Assessment

We are now offering virtual and limited in-person Preservation Assessments* for museums across the state interested in learning more about how to better preserve their collections. Utah Arts and Museum’s Preservation Assessment provides constructive feedback on areas of improvement through a facilitated onsite or virtual visit and itemized report. The visit and report are meant to provide feedback that will assist in identifying priority collections care needs and better assist museums interested in applying for museum grants through Utah Arts and Museums.

By going virtual, we are able to provide access to Preservation Assessments to a larger number of museums across the state in addition to adhering to social distancing guidelines. Please use the following checklist to get started on scheduling your next Preservation Assessment: 

  • Contact Emily Johnson at to discuss your museum preservation needs. Together you will determine whether your museum is eligible for a virtual or in-person assessment. 
  • Fill out the Pre-Assessment worksheet here. This is a Google form that will need to be filled out in one sitting; the questions that you will encounter can be found here for your review. Once you submit your pre-assessment (and any other requested materials), the Preservation Assessment team will reach out to schedule your assessment. 
  • Following your virtual or in person assessment, a Preservation Assessment report will be sent to you as a recap of your visit and of the preservation needs present in your organization. This assessment will be organized to address short and long-term collections projects found during the assessment. 
  • Utilize your report! Use your report to advocate for improving preservation needs in your museum. Leverage the report for additional funding either through grants (use it for our grants!), private donors, and/or municipal funding. There are many ways to leverage this report to help improve collections conditions at your museum. 

*In-person assessments will be reviewed and approved as they are requested. All in-person assessments must be within a two-hour drive of Salt Lake City and will require all participants to adhere to strict social distancing and masking guidelines. If the site is unable to commit to these requirements, a virtual assessment can be utilized instead.

Environmental Monitoring Kit

UA&M now offers an environmental monitoring kit for rent for a small fee. The kit includes tools to measure your museum’s temperature, humidity, and light allowances. For more information about the kit or to inquire about rental, please contact Emily Johnson at

"Our small museum has been able to expand our skills to better protect our collection and serve our visitors."



Emily Johnson
Field Services Manager