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The “Ask An Expert” initiative is an attempt to provide small museums and cultural organizations an opportunity to submit their collection mysteries to a group of topic-area experts (see below) for feedback and potential identification. We encourage all museums or cultural organizations to reach out and stump us with their collection conundrums; through the hive mind, we will attempt to help your organization identify the mystery object in your collection to ensure proper care, handling, and interpretation in the future. If our team cannot  find the answer, we will assist with finding someone who may be able to help you.

This is not an appraisal service but instead meant to assist small museums in identifying potentially unknown collections. If you are looking for appraisal services, please visit the Association of American Appraisers to find an appropriate appraiser. 

This initiative is brought to you in partnership with the Utah Division of Arts & Museums and the Utah Division of State History.

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Ask An Expert!

Current Expertise

We can help you identify (and help you learn how to best care for) objects in the following categories:

Prehistoric Archaeology 


Historic Archaeology (including bottles, tin cans, coins, etc.) 




Jennifer Ortiz
Manager, Museum Services

Emily Johnson
Specialist, Museum Services