A graphic that reads, "National Endowment for the Arts. Creativity and Persistence. Art that Fueled the Fight for Women's Suffrage. Audiobook Read by Julia Whelan. Unabridged."

Creativity and Persistence

The National Endowment for the Arts recently published Creativity and Persistence: Art that Fueled the Fight for Women’s Suffrage as part of the centennial celebration of passage of the 19th amendment. The book commemorates how the arts were used to change the image of women in America and illustrate the importance of their full participation in society and politics. Throughout the long and arduous path to winning the right to vote for women, the depiction of women and the various perspectives of their roles in society and politics were displayed through literature, poetry, fashion, sculpture, illustrations, posters, and — near the end of the battle to secure passage of the defining amendment — sharply acidic and intentionally divisive cartoons.

The free digital publication can be downloaded here, and the free audiobook is available here.