A group of student dancers poses onstage.

Living Folk Arts for Kids and Adults

Our Arts Education Program and Folk Arts Program received an unexpected funding increase. The staff instantly responded by sending folk artists into classrooms, community centers, museums, and a Head Start program. Beginning in September, artists went throughout Utah, from Smithfield to Bluff, Altamont to Clearfield, Perry to Spanish Fork, Provo to Green River, and beyond. Kids through adults enjoyed learning from 27 different artists. 

One artist praised the program, stating, “I have never seen this type of opportunity in the 15+ years I have been [working] with the division. With these funds, I can help a family or two have a great Christmas as well.” Communities across the state made piñatas, Sudanese clay bulls, Mexican paper flowers, and Ukrainian eggs, as well as learning about Hoop dancing, beadwork from a Yakima artist, Navajo dolls, and string games, to name just a few artforms. 

This initiative served 18 schools, 14 school districts, seven community centers, two museums, nine counties, one university class, and one Head Start program. A teacher in Smithfield said, “Having these Mata Ortiz potters is simply grand!” Four more sessions in Taylorsville, Orangeville, Cottonwood Heights, and Green River are scheduled.