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UA&M Staffing Updates

The Utah Division of Arts & Museums is pleased to announce recent staffing changes for our agency. Emily Johnson has been named as our new Field Services Manager, and Em Cebrowski has joined our team as a Program Support Specialist. We are excited for the work both of these individuals will do to help us continue supporting our state’s cultural communities.

Emily Johnson, Field Services Manager

Emily Johnson is the Museum Services Field Services Manager with the UA&M Office of Museum Services. There, she consults with the state’s 250-plus museums and offers museum technical assistance, site visits, workshops and training, and grant funding. She also serves on the Utah Museums Association’s board of directors and the Utah State Historical Records Advisory Board. Prior to working with the Office of Museum Services, Emily served UA&M as the state’s Collections Curator and Registrar. There she managed Utah’s Fine, Folk, and Public Art collections, with particular professional focus on large-scale collections storage projects. She also completed projects for the Utah State Quarterly, the Utah Museum of Fine Arts, and worked for the University of Utah’s Marriott Library Special Collections Multimedia Archive. Emily earned an MA in history with an emphasis on public history and the American west from the University of Utah.

Em Cebrowski, Program Support Specialist

Em Cebrowski brings more than a decade of experience in public administrative support service and finance to the division’s new position, Program Support Specialist. Em is a Utah native who is passionate about serving the state’s citizens by providing staff with administrative, contract, and reporting support. As a nontraditional and first-generation student, Em recently earned a BS in anthropology from the University of Utah, where she also completed an internship through the State Historic Preservation Office at our sister division, Utah State History. Outside of work, Em enjoys volunteering as preserve manager at the Adelbert Doyle Smith Family Archaeological Preserve located in Utah County, spending time with family, practicing piano, singing in her church choir, and meeting with her book club, whether she read the assigned book or not.