A group of people seated around a table smile for the camera.

Farewell to Our Outgoing Board Members

Thirty-six years of cumulative service were recently celebrated as five board members retired from Utah Division of Arts & Museums board service. Staff and board members honored them with the following thoughts.

Utah Museums Advisory Board:

Tim Glenn (2015-2023, chair 2022-2023)
Tim led our board with humor and thoughtful questions. He brought great energy to our board and leaves a legacy of candor and passion for museums. Tim did a stellar job leading the board as chair and helped us work through some challenging issues. It is exciting to watch his leadership become even stronger through his new role as the director for the new Museum of Utah. 

Carl Camp (2015-2023, chair 2020-2022)
Carl’s ease in approaching big and small problems is laudable. His commitment to strengthen the museum community is admirable, and he brought a wealth of practical experience and strong leadership to UA&M throughout his service. In occasional small-group encounters for strategic planning or other tasks, Carl’s wisdom is always sound and welcomed. He offers the same dedication, thoughtfulness, and professionalism through this service in various organizations. 

Rita Wright (2015-2023, chair 2017-2020)
Rita participates with all of her – when she commits, she commits. She is invaluable as a confidante and resource whenever there is a question about a museum. The breadth and depth of Rita’s professional expertise is impressive, from the unique consideration necessary to care for collections to engaging audiences and working with stakeholders. She is a strong and reliable leader. 

Utah Arts Advisory Board:

Kimi Kawashima (2019-2023)
Kimi is a strong advocate for music, music education, and the arts. She was fair, thoughtful, and insightful when she engaged in projects for our agency. Kimi’s strong background in the arts helped inform important decisions that needed to be made by the board. Her graciousness, expertise, and positive spirit is greatly appreciated.

Jansen Davis (2015-2023, chair 2017-2020) 
Jansen demonstrates exceptional leadership, sharing his time, experience, keen insight and direction, all of which have helped UA&M become better. His knowledge of the cultural landscape, from funders to participants, was invaluable. Jansen is a thoughtful, supportive, and admired leader. He is always ready to step up and help; his ready laugh and kind demeanor are amazing. 

To Tim, Carl, Rita, Kimi, and Jansen: Thank you for your board service!