Risk management, emergency preparedness & disaster response: workshop 4. Collections preservation. Part a: October 6, 2022. Field House Museum, Vernal. Part b: November 3, 2022 Wasatch County Library, Heber.

Workshop: Risk Management, Emergency Preparedness, and Disaster Response

PART A: Slides: Part A Workshop 4 Agenda for Part A of Risk Management (2022) Foundation for Advancement in Conservation Risk Evaluation and Planning Program REPP Risk Prioritization Worksheet Risk Evaluation and Planning Program Risk Evaluation and Planning Program Steps for Developing an Emergency Plan Disaster and Risk Mapping FEMA Declared Disasters Be Ready Utah Canadian Conservation Institute: The ABC …

Environment & Building Systems: Webinars 1, 2, & 3, provided by Utah Division of Arts and Museums and Utah Humanities

Webinars: Environment and Building Systems

WEBINAR 1: Preservation and Collections Hazards Presentation Slides https://www.conservation-wiki.com/wiki/Category:Health_%26_Safety https://www.cdc.gov/niosh/index.htm https://www.acgih.org https://hazardsincollections.org.uk/ WEBINAR 2: Preservation through Partnership: Care of Culturally Sensitive Objects Presentation Slides Federal NAGPRA Utah NAGPRA C9-9-P4_1800010118000101 School for Advanced Research Guidelines for Collaboration American Association of Art Directors Stewardship and Acquisition of Sacred Objects, 2006 Native American Remains Review Committee Canadian Government Caring for sacred and culturally …

Environment & Building Systems: Workshop 3. Part A: July 7, 2022 Utah Wing Commemorative Air Force, Heber. Part B: August 4, 2022 Park City Museum Collections Center, Park City. All participants are required to attend both workshops parts A and B.

Workshop: Environment and Building Systems

Part A: Agenda for Part A of Environment and Building Systems Slides Workshop 3 PT A Activity Handout – Gallery Clean Environment and Building Systems Activity Handout – Organics Environment and Building Systems Activity Handout – Paper Environment and Building Systems Activity Handout – Inorganics Environment and Building Systems Collections-Care-and-conservation-plan-template BLANK Collections-Care-and-conservation-plan-template EG Elgin Museum Care-and-Conservation-Plan Preventative conservation_by_Te_Papa fact_sheet_light_damage_and_light_control how_to_brush_vacuum_an_object_information …

Preservation In Storage & Display: Webinars 1, 2, 3. Utah Humanities, Ideas in Action. Utah Division of Arts & Museums.

Webinars: Preservation in Storage and Display

THINKING IN SYSTEMS: PRESERVATION SITE ASSESSMENTS Presentation Slides Donella Meadows Website Link   EXHIBITION PLANNING AND INSTALLATION Presentation Slides AASLH Exhibition Planning Technical Leaflet CHM Exhibition Planning and Evaluation Tool Smithsonian Museum on Main Street Exhibition Planning Guide Universal Design poster PRESERVATION OF OUTDATED MEDIA Presentation Slides Storage-Media-Inventory-and-Prioritization-Template Resources_Webinar3-PreservationOfOutdatedMedia Sample Loan Agreement

Workshop: Preservation in Storage and Display

Part A: Agenda for Part A of Preservation in Storage and Display Slides: Workshop 2 Part A Best Practices for Partnering and Collaborating with Tribes Guidelines for Museums 62519 4b-MountPrinciples Instructions: Book Cradle Instructions: Cavity Mount Instructions: Slant Board Instructions: Hats, Simple Board Mounts from the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston   Part B: Preservation in Storage and Display Part …

Webinars: Access and Artifact Handling

Digitization and Collections Care Digitization Webinar Slides (2023) Online Resources from Presentation Slides Utah Division of State History – Digitization Policy Utah Division of State History – Digitization Assessment Worksheet Digitization Evaluation Form Rights Statements Descriptive Metadata Cheat Sheet Mountain West Digital Library – Dublin Core Application Profile Library of Congress – Guidelines for Digitizing Library Materials Digital Public Library …

Workshop: Access and Artifact Handling

Part A: Presentation Slides (2023) Agenda Activity 1 – Agents of Deterioration Activity 2 – Significance Assessment Significance 2.0 Agents of Deterioration Homework Part B: Presentation Slides (2023) Agenda Activity 1- Condition Reporting Activity 2- Marking and Labeling Condition Reporting Instructions Resources

Museum Skills Lab: Collections Policy

Workshop Slides Example #1 – Hearst Example #2 – Maine Example #3 – Danish Example #4 – NHMU Handout – AAM National Standards Handout – AAM Direct Care of Collections Handout – AAM Developing a CMP Handout – MAP Collections Policy Template Handout – Collections Management Policy Resources Workshop Recording

A graphic that reads, "Museum Skills Lab Collections Planning. Wed. May 19, 2021 12-2 p.m."

Museum Skills Lab: Collections Planning

Workshop Slides Guide to Collections Planning National Standards Policy/Procedure Comparison Collections Planning Resources Example Collections Plan #1 – Cheboygan Example Collections Plan #2 – Tacoma Example Collections Plan #3 – Whaling Workshop Recording