Bob Chipman, Red Rock and River (detail)
Adam Larsen, High Desert Dry Dock (detail)
Stefanie Dykes, From Stardust and a Long Line of Makers (detail)


A Portfolio by Saltgrass Printmakers

“A glacial erratic is a glacially deposited rocks which differ from size and type native to the area which it rests. They are formed by glacial erosion, resulting from the movement of ice. Glaciers crack, gouge, or thrust pieces of bedrock and carry them, often over hundreds of miles. Erratics take their name from the Latin word errare, meaning 'to wander.’ They are hugely significant, they mark the path of prehistoric glacial movements as they can be traced back to their parent bedrock.”

The artists in this exhibit conceptualized glacial erratic as a metaphor by exploring their relationship to Utah. How did you come to live in Utah? How has this varied landscape shaped you personally? How has your personal ‘bedrock’ informed your response to place?

Saltgrass Printmakers is non-profit open print shop located in Salt Lake City, Utah.  Their goal is to support and promote printmaking as a first-class member of the fine-art community by providing education programs open to the public, open community access to professional-grade printmaking facilities and supporting collaborative opportunities for artists and for the public.  Saltgrass Printmakers was founded by Erik Brunvand, Sandy Brunvand and Stefanie Dykes.

Participating artists: Gary Barton. Erik Brunvand, Haylee Canonico, Rob Chipman, Aloe Corry, Robert DeGroff, Jim Despain, Justin Diggle, Stefanie Dykes, Michael Gaffney, Trishelle Jeffery, Abraham Kimball, Wayne Kimball, Adam Larsen, Holland Larsen, Amanda Lee, Abraham McCowan, Deborah McDermott, Manie, Powers-Torrey, Kathy Puzey, James Rees, Andrew Rice, K. Stevenson, Mary Toscano.


2023-2024 Traveling Schedule

Beaver Library, 8/28 - 10/3
Gallery East, USU Price, 1/3/24 - 1/30
Uintah Heritage Museum, Vernal, 2/5 - 3/16
Rich Middle School, Laketown, 3/26 - 4/18
Boulder City Gallery, 5/1 - 6/11

2022-2023 Traveling Schedule

Weber State University Library, Ogden Sep 16 - Dec 12, 2022
Hub City Gallery, Mount Pleasant, Dec 12, 2022 - Jan, 24, 2023
Early Light Academy, Daybreak, Feb 3 - Mar 1, 2023
Orem Public Library, Orem, Mar 3 - 29, 2023
Open Classroom, Salt Lake City, Apr 6 - May 4, 2023
Utah State University Library, Logan, May 4 - Jun 12, 2023
Summit County Library, Jeremy Ranch Branch, Park City, Jun 14 - Jul 27, 2023