An illustration of Alice Merrill Horne with a quote that reads, "If you really want to learn what art is, live with it."

Alice Merrill Horne

In keeping with the spirit of the Better Days 2020 celebration of Utah women’s suffrage this week, we wanted to give a shout-out to the remarkable Utah woman who founded our agency: Alice Merrill Horne.

Our friend Laura Durham wrote a lovely profile of Alice for the Better Days 2020 website. As Laura writes: “In 1899, Utah Representative Alice Merrill Horne sponsored the bill that established the Division of Arts & Museums, making Utah the first state in the nation to have a state-run arts agency. Her impact on the arts is great, but her influence reaches beyond her cultural agenda. Not only was Alice a dedicated arts advocate, she was also a preservationist, an environmentalist, and a suffragist.”

Read all of Laura’s article about Alice here.

Image credit: Brooke Smart