Games We Play

Games We Play

“Games We Play” is the brainchild of Utah artists from Heber City, Lehi, and Salt Lake County who have varied backgrounds in psychology, graphic design, writing, producing, and teaching art. Camille Wheatley, Christina Stanley, Jessica Rasmussen, Krysta Dimick, Linnie Brown, Rebecca Klundt, Susan Reidley, Yuonne Krause, Cheryl Walden, and Pam Beach bring an entertaining and thought-provoking way of presenting how we play and what we get out of what we play.

They suggest that we can all be game-players; who is willing to be a game-changer?

We can:

  • Play a guessing game of what animals might be trying to say to us
  • Define ourselves by what we wear
  • Redefine the shapes around us with new perspectives
  • Try to figure out how the decisions of world power-players will affect us

This exhibition uses visual clues that allow us to see the games around us and to interpret for ourselves how we might be players. It provides a wonderful variety of mediums and styles for the viewer to enjoy.

Left image: Yvonne Krause, Fair Friends, Transparent watercolor
Center image:  Cheryl Walden, Rack 'em Up, Colored Pencil
Right image: Pam Beach, The Part I Didn't Plan, Oil on board


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