A laptop sits on a table with graphs on the screen.

Website Accessibility Project

Our agency is committed to enhancing the accessibility of all our services. A key part of this is the accessibility of our website. To that end, we’ve initiated a website accessibility project in an effort to increase the ability of all individuals to access our digital resources and services.

Leading this effort is Will Bubenik, a part-time addition to our team. Will is the founder of Nebula Media Group, a consulting firm that specializes in website accessibility.

Having three siblings with intellectual disabilities, Will saw that their struggle with the internet wasn’t because they weren’t able to access the world, but because the world was made inaccessible to them. This prompted him to learn more about what he could do to foster accessibility, and eventually led to his creation of Nebula Media Group. 

Will’s plans for his time with our agency include auditing our website for its current accessibility status, and then helping our staff to remediate the accessibility issues that the audit highlights. We’re delighted to have him on board and look forward to enhancing the accessibility of our digital materials. 

Click here to learn more about digital accessibility.