Remnants of Life by James Rees, Oil on canvas 35″ x 25″

Shaping the Arts is a group exhibit of Utah artists who play a significant role in arts education at the High School level. All young artists start somewhere and often this begins with focused attention and encouragement from teachers. The relationship of mentors and practicing artists has deep historical roots dating back to the middle ages. However, the contemporary relationship between teaching artists and students in arts education has greatly expanded beyond the model of trades, formalism or aesthetics. The role of the art teacher now has expanded to become a facilitator for critical discourse and meaningful explorations of contemporary social and cultural ideas and issues within the world, through the arts.

The artists selected for this exhibit range in practice from painting and drawing to photography. Through their professional experience they provide a framework for enthusiasm, critical thinking, and engagement to Utah’s young artists; shaping the future of our society.

The exhibit includes artworks by Stephen Bartholomew, John Carlisle, Chad Crane, Christine Fedor, Jethro Gillespie, Alexa Hall, Randy Marsh, Bernard Meyers, James Rees, Bruce Robertson and Justin Wheatley.


2018-2019 Traveling Schedule

Delta Public Library, Aug 23 – Sep 27