Folk Arts Program Statement and Commitments
for Cultural and Racial Equity

The Utah Division of Arts & Museums is committed to creating a culture within our agency and networks that fosters equity, diversity, inclusion, and access (EDIA) for all Utahns. We are:

  • Defining our focus using our strategic priorities to support these principles and actions;
  • Making meaningful connections and relationships;
  • Building equity, diversity, inclusion, and access (EDIA) into our agency at the board, staff, and service levels 

As staff of the Folk Arts Program and Chase Home Museum, we stand in solidarity with all who are fighting for racial justice and cultural equity. Through our work and ongoing partnerships with traditional artists and heritage organizations, we are committed to amplifying the diverse perspectives of Utah's cultural communities. We understand that in order to sustain and promote all of these communities, a deep and active commitment to EDIA is required.


We will uphold our commitments to being advocates for Utah's cultural communities by:

  • Organizing community conversations with organizational partners on the topics of cultural identity, inequity in arts funding, appropriation and tradition; 
  • Gathering feedback from our partners in a structured manner and evaluating our programs and services with transparency and accountability;
  • Providing multilingual translations for in-gallery interpretation and labels;
  • Educating the public through art, craft, and performance that reflect culturally-embedded practices/values and prompt dialogue about the lived experience of Utah's cultural communities

We welcome your feedback as we continue to improve these efforts. Please contact to share your thoughts.