Somos Semillas by Jorge Arellano
Sagrado Corazón del Nopal by Veronica Perez
Multitudes by Izzy Fernandez

Eres Poderosx / You are Powerful; Nopalera Artist Collective

Nopalera Artist Collective is a cooperative of artists from various different cultures and backgrounds, who thrive and grow in the harsh desert we call home – Utah.   We come together to amplify the voices and experiences of the communities we belong to.

“Eres Poderosx / You Are Powerful” is a collection of works by eight different artists from eight different homelands: Izzy Fernandez, David Peralta, Ella Mendoza, Jorge Arellano, Veronica Perez, Andrew Alba, Lola Reyes and Melissa Alvarez. This exhibit aims to amplify the voices of those in our communities that are often the strongest among us, yet can go unheard and unrepresented – our youth. We want to remind the young voices in our community that they are strong and powerful and that they deserve to be heard.

This exhibit features the lived experiences of youth, migrants and people from all parts of Latin America. It is a love letter and testament to the power of past, present and future generations.


2020-2021 Traveling Schedule

Artcetera Gallery, Provo, 11/30-1/17, 2021
Hub City Gallery, Mount Pleasant, 1/11-2/24
Boulder Community Gallery, Boulder, 3/3-4/5
Open Classroom, Salt Lake City, 4/6-5/6

2019-2020 Traveling Schedule

Grand County Library, Moab, Aug 26 - Oct 15
Weber State University, Ogden, Oct 16 - Dec 6
Uintah Heritage Museum, Vernal, Jan 9 - Feb 6
North Sanpete High School, Mt Pleasant, Feb 19 - Mar 18

2018-2019 Traveling Schedule

Syracuse High School, Aug 21 – Sep 28
Copper Canyon Elementary, Tooele, Feb 11 – Mar 12, 2019
Marmalade Branch Library, Salt Lake City, Apr 1 – 29
Jeremy Ranch Elementary, Park City, May 3 – 31