Fall 2023
Change Leader Conference

Thursday, Octber 26 - Friday, October 27, 2023
9:30am-12:30pm MST
Cedar City

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$75 General Admission
$65 Change Leaders (with discount code)


9:30 am Welcome from UA&M Staff

10:00 am Keynote Presentation

12:00 pm Networking Opportunity

Keynote: Deb Turcott

Nimble Negotiation
Join Deb Turcott from Orianna Solutations for an engaging and interactive workshop focused on learning pragmatic techniques to navigate conflict and disagreement—and as importantly, shift to a negotiation mindset. With a healthy amount of humor and inspired by authentic experiences, attendees will leave feeling more prepared for the daily conflicts, large and small, in their leadership work. The session includes the following segments:

  • Reality makes the best comedy
  • Understanding communication styles, motivation, and core concerns
  • Relationship building as a preventative strategy
  • Techniques for defusing conflict
  • Negotiating and choosing voice
  • Surrender and other tactics
  • Question, answer, and role play

Deb Turcott

An action-oriented, big thinker who bridges gaps between current issues and creative yet practical solutions, Deb has over two decades of executive experience at your disposal. Nothing excites her more than investing in others and she sees possibility in every challenge. With an advantageous skill set that includes an analytical mind and person-centered style, her tenacious approach will help you, your business, or your organization be at its best.

Questions: Tracy Hansford at thansford@utah.gov

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