A group of five ballerinas wearing blue dancing.

Support Your Favorite Cultural Organizations

Like many industries, Utah’s cultural community has been hit hard. Performing groups were shut down first, since many performance venues serve more than 100 people. Plus, most of our museums and performances will be the last to come back online. If you want a strong, vital cultural community when COVID-19 is over, consider these activities to support your favorite artist, museum, music, theater, and dance companies. If you have the resources, here are a few things you can do:

  • Renew your museum memberships — sooner rather than later
  • Renew your season subscriptions — sooner rather than later
  • Buy gift certificates (from museums and cultural organizations) to give for birthday, anniversary, and/or holiday gifts
  • Buy art — support Utah’s galleries and visual artists. Most have websites to view and purchase art

Thank you for supporting Utah’s cultural community!